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Deadly Decisions

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Table of Contents


1: False Knowledge
Titanic: Unsinkable
Medicine, Money and War: Unthinkable

2: Virtual Truth
Three Mile Island: The Opposite is True
Ignore, Deny, and Forget
Shuttle Challenger: No One is to Blame
Conspiracy of Silence

3: Members of the Mind
The Truthful Brain
Some Things Must Be Believed to be Seen
USS Vincennes: The System Worked Fine
Faster Than the Speed of Thought

4: Challenging Truth
Betsy Lehman: Truth to Power
The Truthful Team
Inspiration, Reason, and Consensus
Les Philosophes

5: The Information War
The Stag Hunt
Blinking Red
Facts, Values, and Concepts
9/11: Reality Hits Home
What Went Wrong?

6: Deadly Decisions
The Information Bubble
Katrina: Warners and Warnees
Uncertainty Absorption
Mrs. Aristotle's Teeth
Six Tests for Truth
The Truth/Action Paradox

7: The Coming Epidemic
Avian Flu: The Facts
Believing WHO
Considering Disaster

8: Waltzing into War
Faking the News
Manufacturing Truth
There is Less to This Than Meets the Eye
Invading Iraq: The Smoking Gun
Mission Accomplished

9: Truth Systems
The Truthful Organization
Truth Systems Crumble
Can Democracy Survive?
The Machinery of Knowledge
The Future Isn't What it Used to Be