The Seashell Press

Table of Contents

Sample Chapter

Interactive Puzzles
Three Pennies
Monty Hall Problem
The Brooklyn Bridge
Einstein's Neighborhood

Table of Contents

Seven Cats
The Frog in the Well
The Squirrel and the Tree
Squirrel Squad
Connect the Dots
Six Baseballs
Three Squares
Double the Cube
Market Research
Painting the Fence
A Box of Bottles
Weighing Dogfood
Passing Ships
Cutting the Cube
The Gauss Kid
Paying with Gold
Mixing Paints
Basket of Eggs
The Life of Tires

Crossing the River
Cannibals and Missionaries
Man, Cabbage, Goat
Turks Flee Thrace

Time and Distance
Red Riding Hoodie
Hikers and Dog
Catching the Ship
Khalid and Renaldo
The Flitting Fly
Buster Blue
Mt. Washington
Fisherman's Hat
The Early Commuter
Between Trains
The Speeding Car
Racing the Sun

Puzzling Words
Right and Wrong
In Time
Mystery Paragraph
Hidden Countries
Hidden Cities
Puzzle Foot
Flipped Phrases
Name the Bride
Sounds Like
Secret Word
Three Errors
Punctuate This!
Special Endings
Body Parts
A Pride of Lions
Scrambled Seaports
Puzzling Will
Who is She?
Portrait of a Puzzler
Lincoln's Stumper
Meeting Notice

True or False
Four Cards
True Statements
The King's Decree
Flora and Dora
Zigzags and Puddleworms

A Puzzling World
Feathers or Gold
Climbing the Walls
Popcorn Science
Charred Burgers
Pepper and Salt
Coffee and Cream
Magic Water
Iron Ring
Clear Glass
Cutting the Cards
Flying Chickens
Weighing Your Jet
Falling Pennies
Swinging Chandelier
The Bicycle Wheel
The Smooth Earth
Gravity Train
Archimedes and the Golden Crown
Finger Pressure
Anchors Aweigh
A Glass Half Full
Timing Fuse

World's Smartest Person
Three Lights
Arthur's Socks
Tomorrow and Tomorrow
Measuring Water
Busy Boy
Two Barbers
Vanishing Dollar
Mixed Up Socks
Pricing the Fruit
Shaking Hands
Desk Calendar
Weighing Gold
The Copper Wire
Give Me a Sign
The Utilities Problem
Finding North
Light the Room
3D Pool
Chinese Checker
Seating Suzie
Norway Weather

By the Numbers
Smart Alice
The Lotus Pond
Clever Secretary
The Hockey Stick
Dividing the Pie
Counting Sheep
The Roman Will
Sharing Bread
Cow Math
Measuring the Whale
The Old Philosopher
Hen and a Half
The Mystery of X
The Donut Problem
Mother and Child
Longfellow's Bees
Covent Garden

Circles and Squares
The Orderly Orchard
Hastings Squares
Circle the Earth
The Missing Piece
Brooklyn Bridge
The Flagpole
Measure the Sun
Vitruvian Man
The Lily Problem
Squaring Circles
Power Lines
Lawn Boy
Measure the Moon
Space Elevator

Taking Chances
Envelope Mix-up
Three Pennies
Three Ants
Kids Next Door
The Getty Rule

Sibling Sums
Thanksgiving Company
Three Contractors
Telltale Ties
The Old Guards
Noisy Neighbors
Lunch Order
Star Wars School
Deadly Lunch
Sherlock's Muddle

Measuring the Earth
Size of the Earth
The Ferry Problem
Batter Up
Monty Hall Problem
Crossing the Desert
Kant's Clock
The Phone Tree
The Dancing Men
The Missing Square
Hiding the Nuns
Friendly Fire
Captain Future
The Calder Mobile
Bridges of Konigsburg
Bridges of Venice
Lewis Carroll's Maze
Mr. Big and the Diamond
The Stag Hunt
Pirate Gold
Dividing the Cake
Dr. Einstein's Neighborhood